Fused Distribution Boards

HAC are proud to be able to offer our own range of Fused Distribution Units.
We can offer:

Main Incoming Distribution Cabinets:
  • Specially Designed Steel work
  • 200A, 400A or 800A Busbar SystemMain Incoming Isolator
  • Extended terminals to accept incoming cables
  • Incoming Fuse Switches
  • Integral TP&N BS 88 distribution fuse boards
Multi Service Distribution Board -TP&N BS88:
  • Materials: the boards are made of steel sheets with the case back drilled and embossed for wall fixing.
  • Hinged cover with padlocking facility.
  • Back of case drilled and embossed for wall fixing.
  • Provide separate circuit protection for each dwelling (circuit).
  • Standard main brass clamp and pinching screw circuit terminals – one per fuse unit.
  • Standard main brass clamps: adjustable, to accept 25mm – 120mm stranded conductors.
  • Brass earth block with pinching screw terminals and PME link.
  • The neutral clamp with pinching screw circuit terminals: one per fuse unit.
  • Standard busbar: current rating of max. 400A.
  • Plain removable plates top and bottom as standard.